Finally Finding Me. A new Adventure & Yoga Retreat in Bali, 2020. Join us!

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Ever feel like life is slipping you by?

Are you going through the motions of your daily routine without appreciating each and every moment?

Imagine continuing a life on autopilot: stagnant, monotonous, unfulfilled, and never experiencing what it's like to truly be alive.

This is a retreat for anyone who craves growth and expansion through playfulness, curiosity, and connection.

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What to Expect

Prepare to experience Bali in a way you never have before. With its lush, rice-terraced and stunning waterfalls, this quaint island is the perfect backdrop to step outside of your comfort zone and participate in the island's most breathtaking and adventurous activities.

Swimming with manta rays, hiking to waterfalls, ATV rides through the jungles, and tubing down a canyon river are only a few of the adventures that you will experience on this journey. There will also be daily yoga sessions and life coaching sessions that will be offered.

Each day will be different, and we ask that you come with an open mind as we guide you through the most exciting adventure of a lifetime!

A Sample Daily Schedule:

7:00am - Breakfast
8:00am - Morning Yoga session with Lacey
9:30am - Van pickup for daily adventure
10:30am - Snorkel with Manta Rays
12:00pm - Lunch
2:00pm - Guided Mangrove Tour on Kayak
5:00pm - Return to Retreat Center
6:00pm - Dinner
7:00pm - Life Coaching Session with Lindsay
8:00pm - Evening Yoga session with Lacey

About Us

We are sisters that have always had a passion for travel. Whether it’s meditating at the top of Machu Picchu, riding down a Malaysian river on a tiny boat surrounded by fireflies, venturing through the crazy streets of Mumbai in a rickshaw, or overlooking a volcano in Bali, we have always had the most fun when we find adventures together.

In fact, so many of our friends and families wanted to be included on these adventures that we soon found ourselves planning our first adventure + yoga retreat!

Both of us have lived overseas for several years and learned how to navigate different cultures while completely immersing ourselves in foreign environments. We carry this expertise with us when we introduce our guests to cultures around the world.

Lacey brings the calm, meditative practices of yoga and breath work, while Lindsay brings adventure and self inquiry techniques to offer our guests.

Together, we bring a retreat beyond your wildest dreams. You will be challenged physically, emotionally, and spiritually as we facilitate a space for you to tap into your authentic self and dig up your deepest desires. What’s holding you back from the life of your dreams?

With Lindsay's Life Coaching Sessions, you'll learn to connect with your inner warrior and to use visualization to bring forth the best version of yourself as you consciously begin to shift your world.

With Lacey's yoga and meditation sessions, expect to stretch to new horizons whilst cultivating deeper awareness of your body and mind.

We ask that you come on this adventure with an open heart and an open mind, and we promise you won't leave as the same person as when you arrived. You will feel centered, fulfilled, more courageous, and ready to take on your biggest goals and dreams... And, it all started by saying, "Yes".

Frequently Asked Questions

1What does this retreat cost and what is included?
$3,995 is the total cost of the retreat and includes luxury resort accommodations (double occupancy), meals, classes, island transportation, and adventure excursions.
2What's not included in the price?
Airfare, Visa, and souvenirs
3What if I've never tried yoga?
Our yoga teacher leads her classes based on the levels of our guests. If any of the moves are too advanced for you, she will show you another method that will fit your needs.
4Do you require a deposit to hold my place?
Yes. Because of the popularity of these retreats combined with the limited space, we require a 50% deposit when you are accepted. The remaining 50% will be due no later than 60 days prior to the retreat.
5How will I know if this is the right retreat for me?
Because we have limited spaces available for each retreat, we interview each participant prior to accepting a deposit. Within this interview we will determine if this will be the right fit for you.
6How difficult will the excursions be? I'm limited in my ability to do anything really athletic.
Some of the excursions will have health regulations (i.e. no prior heart conditions, able to walk, ability to swim, etc). Because of this, we ask that you let us know of any limitations prior to the retreat, so we will be able to accommodate you.
7Do I need a Visa?
You are not required to have a Visa to visit Bali if your stay is under 30 days and you have a US passport.
8Do I need vaccines?
You are not required to have any additional vaccines to enter Bali, however, we suggest that you speak to your physician and make sure your vaccines are current.

From Bored to Brave...
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